Home-beats of Africa and the world at the 3rd annual
humanity in harmony festival.

The vibrant energy and knowledge of oral tradition will
usher the audience through life skills with Dipo dance and
music of the Krobo people of Ghana, an evening of music,
dance, installations, poetry, theatre, talk and visual arts
from around the world. This year's festival shares the
stage with Oromo of Ethiopia, Soukos of Congo, Kora of
Guinea, Gumboot of South Africa, and more. This year's
festival will take place on Thursday, October 16, 2008 in
the Students Lounge, Acolade East Building, on York
University's Keele Campus at 7:00pm prompt.

Three years ago an interdisciplinary expressive culture
performance collaboration (IECPC) was formed; this group
brings together a spectrum of students, faculty, community
of fine arts, history, and any one with shared drive and
vision to partake in a life long learning, as well as
creating new works to champion the inner talents that shapes
up through a festive performance by humans to foster harmony
in life. The founder Isaac Akrong shares that learning
beyond the classroom is a good complementary effort that
fosters common sense and responsibility on humans in their
sphere of life.

A brief talk will precede the performance evening

A Fork in the Road:
Personal Stories of Overcoming Homelessness and Starting Again!

Three Thousand Days in the Wilderness:
A Spiritual Journey through Homelessness!

By T. Kofi Hadjor, MBA, Story teller, poet and dynamic public speaker

His audience will gain important insight into the inner
world of the homeless experience that can inform
policy and research.

Humanity in Harmony Foundation Inc. Presents

Humanity in Harmony
Festival 2008

Thursday Oct. 16, 2008

Student Lounge, Second Floor
Accolade East Building
York University
(Keele Campus)

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Call: 416-650-2968

The Performance Line-Up includes:
Isaac Nii Akrong, Ga Gome
African Dance Ensemble (ADE)
Daniel Schnee & Co, Improvisation
Dean, Kora Solo
Bert Smith, Spoken Word
Jaivah/Nouvel Exposé, Soukous & Oromo
TheatrePeace Mimes
Nina Soypher & Co., Paintings

$5 Students/Seniors - $10 Non-Students
Student Lounge, Second Floor
Accolade East Building
4700 Keele Street, York University

Buy Your Tickets Now!
To Reserve tickets call:

Tickets also available at the door.

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