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Nature’s Gift (11 x 44 feet Scenic Drop premiered at Wesleyan Univ. CT.)

Designed by Isaac Akrong

A journey that originates from the inner core of the heart of the universe, the sun through the radiation of its energy across the world in which we live: mother earth and the fellowship of the neighbor planets reaffirm Nature’s Gift for the living and the existing.  Creation and the evolution of all the planets in the solar system in its truest harmony is a beautiful phenomenon that transcends beyond the visual aesthetics through the spiritual realm. All beings have a common origin. That’s why humans have to co-exist with each other with love as the strongest tool to unify the world. Never limit your goodness, as mother earth houses us warm-heartedly. 

The sun reaffirms Nature’s Gift in its truest harmony with love as the strongest tool to unify the world- Isaac Akrong

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