* We create specially tailored workshops for community groups, schools, colleges and universities, and performing arts companies. These sessions are excellent for small groups and huge assemblies for Black History Month celebrations. Workshops are conducted with live music and detailed exploration of talents.           

We meet your group’s needs, and can serve a variety of  group sizes, i.e., 15-35, 36-50, 51-100, 100-249, 250-350, 351- 500, 501-1000. The fun ranges from KG to seniors, and people with disabilities inclusive. Workshops are interactive and students will learn by doing.

  • History
  • Singing
  • Dancing
  • Drumming
  • Cultural context
  • Video documentaries

This workshop is great for…

  • Conferences
  • Themed anniversaries
  • African cultural studies
  • Black awareness and heritage
  • Raising student and school morale
  • World music and dance curriculum
  • Harmony and community among students
  • Contemporary dance experiments in studios



* Any one of any background, age, gender, faith can partake in this wonderful experience of African performance. We serve humanity (umuntu).



* Our interactive shows reflect the roots of African traditional practice in its natural environment.

* Staged shows bring to the foreground today’s generation in authenticity.

* Our works speak for “Mama Africa”…experiencing it brings lasting memories.

* Performance venues include both local and international.



Arrangements can be made to supply large numbers of a wide variety of musical instruments from Africa.



* We honor residencies in many institutions both local and international.

* We practice and share dances/musics across the motherland (Africa) from Accra to Lesotho.


Corporate: ice-breakersand team building

Participants get to open up in order to keep a realistic self and get to understand each other from-the-arts-to-the-workplace. This is good for a healthy life and environment. Productivity is enhanced and the general level of morale is boosted.





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