with Isaac Akrong and
The African Dance Ensemble

Thursday Feb. 21, 2008

Live at

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This is a night to explore African dance, poetry and music practices from many ethnicities, including Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea, and South Africa… ......the historic elements that function as a drive for most of these aesthetically vibrant performances.

The Meaning of ADE

Ade (pronounced “AH-day”) is a Ga-Adangbe word signifying “telling,” “as told,” or “as said.” The word refers to legends of the past or what is foretold for the future. Ade is also a male name in the Ga-Adangbe language. The Ga people are found in Accra, on the costal belt of Ghana, West Africa. This word was chosen after considering the nature of humanity. Humans have history, they have presence and they have future. All these cycles are linked together by Ade, “as told.” Another sphere of meaning can be decoded from the acronym of A.D.E. –

The Roots of ADE

The African Dance Ensemble was founded in September 2001. The founder and Artistic Director, Isaac Akrong, envisioned a small world of cultures blending to learn more about African culture through the arts and related disciplines. Having been choreographing for over a decade, presenting ethnographic/ethnomusicological works on African culture, dance, music, songs, drumming, flutes, and xylophones, he is blessed now with a wonderful team of performers with whom to share this holistic art form of an all-inclusive African theatre experience.

This will be a night to remember and we strongly recommend that you reserve early as, undoubtedly, the room will be filled to capacity.

Be ready to dance as there will be plenty of opportunity for audience participation!

$10 Students
$20 General Admission

A la carte menu available

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