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A few researches have been conducted by ADE, and below are some few topics that touches on some interests of the ethnicity that connects performance, language and the history of a people; how certain dance, songs emanated from specific social contexts. Our comprehensive yet growing database welcomes articles from interested parties, or anyone who wants to be friends of ADE in order to help archive and share more of these resources.

Akrong, Isaac. Kpanlogo Dance Today; the Documentation of the Evolution of a Ga Dance Form of Ghana, West Africa. MA MRP. Toronto: York University, 2003.

Interviews with:

    • Yacubu Addy of Odadaa Group

    • John Collins

    • Sonny Achiba

    • Professor Nii Yartey

    • Professor Mawre Opoku

    • Dr. Congo Zabana

    • The son of Mustafa Tetteh Addy

    • ShidaaCultural Troupe members

    • Ghana Dance Ensemble members

    • The Acrobat Trio

    • Sid Kubuari

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