The ADE family welcomes you!
Welcome to the professional home of African
performance, the African Dance Ensemble ADE. We
perform African dances and African drumming from,
Ghana, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea, South
Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Congo and Ethiopia. It's our
lifetime dedication to learn about Africa based on
over thirty years' performance experience, led by
Isaac Nii Akrong, we bring to clients, an informed
performance at one's doorstep with deep passions of

ADE Performances

Our performances are interactive or on a stage
setting. This includes live African music with drums;
xylophones; bamboo flutes, and songs/chants that
connect with energetic African dances from "mother
Africa." The colorful costumes and themed face
painting bring lasting memories.

Weddings Special Performance

For that special day in your life, we can serve you
like a royal with any of the special Wedding African
dance and drum a package that best suits you. Wherever
you come from, just talk to us, and your dreams shall
be transformed into reality. We bring the live-party
to your hearts in the following three options;

1. Bronze
2. Silver
3. Gold

This is a normal wedding reception performance for the
entry of the Wedding team. The dancers precede the
party with a pump and grand entry to the head table.

In addition to the bronze package, the songs sung
includes the names, birth day names from Africa -
Ghana. -20min.

This includes Bronze and Silver. We teach the couple
specific dance moves that make them share the fun with
the house, as a memory. The elite treatment here,
incorporates the fabric color of the Wedding team,
integrating the decor of the event in the costumes and
playing another session in after dinner. -15min. and
-20min. sessions.

Corporate Events Performances

The moments where CEO get a time to try new things and
bond with the rank and file of the company. We have
what it takes to break the ice and set the human
family rolling with one voice, and one drum beat of
African performance.

National Assignments for Governments and Agencies

Treat dignitaries with the right splash of African
dance, African drumming music etc. performance that
makes the event a special one. We tailor such shows to
the request of a specific protocol to bring out the
best talents and share the moment with the house. In
this way we bring you the energy of Africa as great
ambassadors of a traditional African practices.

Festival Performances

The heart of African dance and drum performance is one
of the reasons why we bring a community together to
interact in the most meaningful and healthy way of
enjoying life to the fullest with ADE performance that
speaks volumes "keeping it real."

Colleges Performances, Conference Performances, Universities Performances, Annual Meetings Performances, School Re-unions Performances...
Entertainment with a relax mode in educating the
masses about the reasons why we do things the African
way, the oral tradition that still lives in the minds
of the custodians and ambassadors of the unique art
forms of African dance and music. In this forum, we
share through performance workshops, the ideal
concepts and social function of African dance, music,
history and the correlations. Topics may touch on
Africa, then and now, the transformations that shape
African States.

AOA or

This is to rejuvenate the muscles that need some
natural workout and conditioning for a healthy life
style as well as understanding the tradition that
affords you this opportunity to explore your inner
self. Individual and group instructions enable
participants to practice the basics through advance
levels of core movements that keep you solid beyond
the gym's offer. Our experts guide you through each
level of the African dance aerobics session dubbed AOA
journey. This is a great team effort with you in mind
we develop a total person from the inside outs.

African Photo Shoot

We specialize in dressings in authentic regalia of
Africa for photo shoots that take your minds to
African Scenes. All ages, and abilities are eligible
to try it. You get copies of your photo that captures
the moments

ADE Dancers

ADE Dancers

ADE Dancers

ADE Festival Performance

ADE Family

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