Welcome to the Home of African
Traditional Rhythm and Dance!

The African Dance Ensemble (ADE) is a multi ethnic performing group based in Toronto. Membership of ADE spans all the major continents of the world.

The African Dance Ensemble was founded in September 2001. The founder and Artistic Director, Isaac Akrong, envisioned a small world of cultures blending to learn more about African Culture through the arts and related disciplines.

Having being choreographing over a decade, presenting ethnographic/ethnomusicological works on the African Culture; dance, music, songs, drumming, flutes, xylophones….. We deem it a responsibility to share what "Mama Africa" has to offer, that puts a smile on your face and in your heart. Thereby fostering a better understanding among humans on earth.

Our envisioned art and act of keeping the African tradition alive helps the ADE team to present African indigenous music, dance, and song, as well as to create new works within African traditional idioms. These idioms of tradition range from costumes, body paints, hair braiding, and making of drums/instruments, social function, how to sing and dance. And also those passionate about playing an instrument are given the opportunity to learn and perform on African indigenous musical instruments.

"By gathering performers of different
ethnic backgrounds & collaborating to
perform African traditions, we hope
to foster a better understanding
among humans on earth."

Songs & Rhythms of Life - Played Live by ADE Musicians


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